How To Obtain



  • Frost-Covered Drops become Flash-Frozen
  • +10 Bingo Damage

Euthy opens up! -10 HP to them!

  • +25 Style on Bingos

Crazy Girl Killsteal Bonus! +25 Style!

Suggested Teammates

  • Euthanasia cannot team with non-BurgerNinja/PizzaWitch allies

Euthanasia would just shoot them in the face! Pizza/Burger teams only!


These drops only drop in PizzaWitch and BurgerNinja missions.


  • Euthanasia is based on Euphemia li Britannia from Code Geass
  • Euthanasia's murderous behavior is a reference to the "Euphemator" incidence from the first season finale of Code Geass. In that episode, SPOILER Lelouch accidentally Geasses her with "You could kill all the Japanese", whereupon she grabs an assault rifle and slaughters a massive number of gathered Japanese citizens. SPOILER
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