How To Obtain


  • Cancels Unbingoable Teams
  • +100% Ryo
  • -50% Ally Drop Chance
  • Double Freezer Drops!

Hidden Abilities

  • +50 Appetite if left in your team overnight

Cipher makes sandwiches ALL night long, and it makes you hungry! +50 Appetite!

Jutsu Available

  • Delivery Art: Stuffed Crust - +6 to All Strength, +50% Item Chance, -75 Stamina - Delicious Pizza needed
  • Delivery Art: 30 Minutes or Less - -100 Stamina, +10 Dou Range

Suggested Teammates


These drops only drop in PizzaWitch and BurgerNinja missions.


With Nana in Team

With Euthanasia in Team

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2
Cipher.gif Cipher_Lvl._2.gif


  • Cipher Lvl. 1 could possibly be a reference to Suzaku near the end of Code Geass R2.
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