How To Obtain

  • Obtain 7 Turfs in Glowslinging1
  • Subsequent seasons: Defeat any Dramatic Cliff opponent.


  • +6 Gen Levels, -5 Nin Levels, +2 Opponent Glowslinging Risk

Suggested Teammates


  • Bucketface is probably based on the Bleach character Sajin Komamura, who frequently wore a helmet covering his head.
  • The reference likely doubles to refer to the rock guitarist Buckethead, who always wears a KFC bucket on his head during performances (along with a full-face mask).
  • Bucketface's Glowslinging persona is based on Berserker from Fate/Stay Night
  • Bucketface used to have an alternative way of finding him and an alternate effect, however, was removed from the game until now, being that very few players found him.
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