Billy Lvl. 3

How To Obtain

Level Up!
Billy Lvl 2 has become Billy Lvl 3!
Billy gets a weird look on his face… and puts on a THIRD EYEPATCH!


  • +4 Strength
  • 20% chance of auto-winning a regular mission

Jutsu Available


Suggested Teammates


Ally Drop!
Smoke Bombs!
Billy giggles, and pockets a Smoke Bomb!
(Total number: X)
Ally Drop!
Billy Bucket!
You catch Billy playing in a big, magic bucket. Weird.
(Total number: X)

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Billy.gif Billy_Lvl._2.gif Billy_Lvl._3.gif


  • Billy Lvl. 3 is likely based off of Naruto in the anime Naruto. This likely refers to the version of Naruto in Shippudden.


Billy looks over your shoulder. "Let me spin it! Pleease?" He seems lucky, so you let him spin…

  • In Season 2+, if you use the cheating option, Billy actually increases the odds of getting a common.

Billy gives you a stink eye. "That's CHEATING!" He bumps the wheel!

  • Billy can only use his auto-success ability if you fail the mission. Apparently, it can also trigger when you use Escape jutsu, somehow.
Automatic Billy Victory!
Billy saves the day!
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