Big Bo

How To Obtain

  • You have a chance to obtain Big Bo as an ally by completing the Taijutsu A-Rank mission Crush a Forest of Evil.

You got an Ally - Big Bo!
"HAR HAR HAR," a large man chortles. "TIME TO HELP YOU WITH THE SMASHING."
(+2 Taijutsu Strength and +2 Taijutsu Levels!)


  • +2 Tai Strength
  • +2 Tai levels

Jutsu Available

Suggested Teammates

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2
Big_Bo.gif Big_Bo_Lvl._2.gif


Ally Drop!
Bag of Chips!
Big Bo drops some chips. Yoink!
(Total number: X)
Ally Drop!
Food Pills!
Big Bo tosses you one of his pills!
(Total number: X)



  • Big Bo is a fantastic Taijutsu ally. In fact, the entire Fathers Know Best team is really amazing. By using all of them, you'll end up with +4 strength, +1 range, and +2 levels across all attributes. Once you can start using this team for your daily missions, you'll be really hard to stop. I'd advise getting Big Bo as soon as you can.
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