Anonymous Lvl. 2

How To Obtain


  • +3 Range and +10 damage per round when being bingo'd

Jutsu Available

  • The Thrill of Victory - 300000 XP. -100 Stamina, Automatically level allies that can be leveled in a regular mission : 600 C.

Suggested Teammates

  • None known at this time.

Other Levels

Level 1 Level 2
Anonymous.gif Anonymous_Lvl._2.gif


  • Anonymous is based on L Lawliet from Death Note. In the manga, he uses a number of aliases to obscure himself; thus in BvS he is "Anonymous".
  • Due to his green colored skin and the name, he could also be based on the "Anonymous" group on certain sites, which are characterized as faceless (with a "No picture available" usually on it) and green skinned.


  • Anon level 2 can go on reaper missions


*Though he was quite good in the earlier stages of the game, Anonymous Lvl. 2 is now only a mildly useful ally. He has some nice range bonuses that you can use to give yourself that bit of reach to beat S-Rank missions with EDUT. Unfortunately, he can not be taken on many newer missions where the range could help the most. If you need to ensure you are not bingoed in preparation for some important event, or as a Kage for that matter, you should consider leaving him in your party overnight, along with LisaLisa Lvl. 2. Unfortunately, if you have Anonymous Lvl. 2, it is not likely that you will be particularly worried about being bingoed, so his main feature is rendered somewhat useless, especially in the face of S-Rank ally bonus items, that could net you 20 extra stamina instead.

In summary, Anonymous Lvl. 2 is a decent ally, though one not likely to spend much time in your party. Get him for the theme, and the few cases where you may feel compelled to use him.

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