Allies (tabbed)
  • Allies can be obtained from Missions, Quests or by meeting special conditions.
  • To level up an ally you need to do one of these things:
    • Have them in your team while you successfully complete the Mission on which they level up; it may be needed to complete it more than once.
    • Complete the Quest that levels them up.
  • There are Teams that give Special Bonuses.


Pic. Name Rank (Type) Bonus Provided
Annie.gif Annie B (Gen) +1 Nin Range
Big_Bo.gif Big Bo A (Tai) +2 Tai Strength and +2 Tai Levels
Big_Ro.gif Big Ro A (Nin) +2 Gen Strength and +2 Gen Levels
Big_Shammy.gif Big Shammy A (Gen) +2 Nin Strength and +2 Nin Levels
Billy.gif Billy D +1 Tai level, and 5% chance of automatically winning a regular mission
Bruce_Jr..gif Bruce Jr. D (Nin) +2 Tai Strength and +2 Tai Levels, but Jutsu Chakra costs are 25% higher
Bruce_Sr..gif Bruce Sr. C (Tai) +1 Tai Success
Bugman.gif Bugman D (Gen) +1 Gen Level and Jutsu Chakra costs are 10% less!
Emosuke.gif Emosuke D +1 Nin Strength
Flipper.gif Flipper N/A 5 Less Stamina Cost for Genin on Special Missions, and +20% D-Rank AP!
J-Diddy.gif J-Diddy B (Rare) +400% Friend Points, and +1 Levels!
K-Dog.gif K-Dog Quest One Free Success!
K.Y..gif K.Y. C (Gen) +1 Gen Success
Lil'_Bo.gif Lil' Bo D (Tai) +1 Tai Strength, and Jutsu Chakra costs are 5% less
Lil'_Ro.gif Lil' Ro D (Gen) +1 Gen Strength
Lil'_Shammy.gif Lil' Shammy Quest +1 Strength, but every mission costs two extra Stamina
Lil'_Whitey.gif Lil' Whitey D (Tai) +1 Tai Strength and +1 Tai Level
Master_P.gif Master P C (Nin) +2 Nin Strength
Meatballs.gif Meatballs Quest +1 Level in Nin and Tai
Mr._Sandman.gif Mr. Sandman C (Nin) Regain 4 Stamina when you lose a mission
Mr._Smith.gif Mr. Smith B (Nin) +20% AP
Nadeshiko.gif Nadeshiko N/A +100% chance of finding an Ally, but lose 10 Stamina after each mission!
Ol'_Whitey.gif Ol' Whitey Quest +3 Nin Strength
Pandabear.gif Pandabear B (Gen) +30% Jutsu XP
Pinky.gif Pinky D Jutsu Chakra Costs are 15% less
Red_Rover.gif Red Rover D (Gen) +2 Levels in Nin and Tai but -2 in Gen
Rover's_Mom.gif Rover's Mom B (Tai) +1 Range
Sicko.gif Sicko B (Gen) +1 Gen Range
Smokey_the_Bear.gif Smokey the Bear B (Nin) +1 Nin Success
SNAKEMAN.gif SNAKEMAN Quest +4 Levels, but -50% Ryo on regular Missions!
Spot.gif Spot Quest +50% Item/Ally find chance!
Stalkergirl.gif Stalkergirl Quest Get one Stamina back per mission
Terri.gif Terri C (Tai) +2 Tai Strength
The_Scar.gif The Scar B (Tai) +1 Tai Range
Timmy.gif Timmy Quest 20% more XP and AP, but -2 Strength and -2 Levels
Trapchan.gif Trapchan C (Gen) +2 Gen Strength
Triple_H.gif Triple H C (Rare) +1 Levels
Yuri.gif Yuri B (Rare) +1 Nin Level, +1 Nin Strength and negates The Rack's weakness
Z-Dog.gif Z-Dog A (Nin) +4 Gen Levels

Season 2+

Pic. Name Rank (Type) Bonus Provided
Cato.gif Cato Quest +50% Ryo on regular missions
Doughman.gif Doughman Arena Triple Damage to Ninja with HP-giving Bingo Themes
Olmek.gif Olmek Quest Get two Items instead of one for Ally Drops
Tempest_Kitsune.gif Tempest Kitsune Quest +3 Nin Levels/ Range, +5 Drain Edge

Season 3+

Pic. Name Rank (Type) Bonus Provided
Mr._Sandman_Lvl._2.gif Mr. Sandman Lvl. 2 Wasteland Regain 4 Stamina when you lose a mission, Summon timers go down 4x slower than normal

Season 4+

Pic. Name Rank (Type) Bonus Provided
Proof_Reader.gif Proof Reader Quest +25% event find chance and +1 to all Ranges

The Trade

Pic. Name Bonus Provided
Anonymous.gif Anonymous +1 Gen Range, and deals 5 extra damage per round when you're being Bingo'd
Hyuk.gif Hyuk Doesn't do anything, just follows you around.
LisaLisa.gif LisaLisa Double ally bonus damage during Bingos, +20 Stamina if left in your party overnight
Right.gif Right +1 Nin Range, and deals 5 extra damage when you're Bingo'ing someone


Pic. Name Bonus Provided
Fletch.gif Fletch +1 Range, +2 on Reaper missions
Hermano.gif Hermano +1 Tai Strength, +3 on Reaper missions
MC_Stripeypants.gif MC Stripeypants +100% Ally Find on Reaper, +1 Strength
Mister_Six.gif Mister Six +2 Levels, +4 on Reaper missions
Robogirl.gif Robogirl +1 Nin Strength, +3 on Reaper missions
Shorty.gif Shorty +1 Gen Strength, +3 on Reaper Missions
Strawberry.gif Strawberry +2 Tai Levels, +6 on Reaper Missions
Tats.gif Tats +1 Strength, +2 on Reaper Missions
TicTac.gif TicTac +400% Friend Points on Missions!


Pic. Name Bonus Provided
Bones.gif Bones +3 Levels, +1 Range, Villages do not provide HP in Bingos
Haro.gif Haro +5% maximum treasure value
Haus.gif Haus +200% Wasteland Item / Ally find chance, negate penalties from SNAKEMAN, +3 Difficulty to being Tracked!
Flutie.gif Flutie +6 Gen Levels, +3 Gen Range, -3 Tai/Nin Strength!
Good_Boy.gif Good Boy +3 Successes
Larry.gif Larry +5% maximum treasure value.
Sticky.gif Sticky +6 Nin Levels, +3 Nin Range, -3 Gen/Tai Strength!
The_Twins.gif The Twins +2 Levels, -1 Strength, -8 Difficulty to Track during Bingo Attempts!
Tubby.gif Tubby +6 Tai Levels, +3 Tai Range, -3 Gen/Nin Strength!

Burger Ninja

Pic. Name Bonus Provided
Cici.gif Cici +2 Dou Levels
Lulu.gif Lulu +1 Dou Strength
Su-chan.gif Su-chan +2 Dou Range


Pic. Name Bonus Provided
Tempest_Kitsune.gif Tempest Kitsune +3 Nin Levels/ Range, +5 Drain Edge


Pic. Name Bonus Provided
Pinky_Lvl._3.gif Pinky Lvl. 3 +2 to all Strength, +1 Stamina per Regular Mission, +30% Nin Damage to WorldKaiju
Lil'_Whitey_Lvl._3.gif Lil' Whitey Lvl. 3 +2 to all Strength +30% Tai Damage to WorldKaiju
Good_Boy_Lvl._3.gif Good Boy Lvl. 3 +3 to All Successes, +30% Gen Damage to WorldKaiju
Doughman_Lvl._3.gif Doughman Lvl. 3 +11 levels vs. Worldkai, Triple Damage against Ninja with HP-giving Bingo Themes!


Pic. Name Bonus Provided
Bucketface.gif Bucketface +6 Gen Levels, -5 Nin Levels, +2 Opponent Glowslinging Risk

Hero's Quest

Pic. Name Bonus Provided
Mimi.gif Mimi +100% Worldkai Damage on the Last Day before failure
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