League Of Mortals

The objective of this power group is to provide a stable power group for new and struggling villages and players: the "mortals" of the game, in contrast to its gods. We bear no hostility or ill will toward Immortal Realms or Kaiju-led villages -indeed, we're led by one- but we exist to aid villages and players that are not very far on the path, or that have chosen a different path.

Intramural Policy

Members of the League of Mortals share what the Bokekage Reports term "Friendly Relations": they do not make a habit of attacking one another, but may do so if there's a need. It is considered courteous to warn member villages before attacking, and giving them the opportunity to refuse if they are also in need. Members of the League are encouraged to lend the use of certain upgrades -Epic Monument, Jonin Council, BurgerNinja, Tools of the Trade, and others- to villagers from other members that have not yet bought them.

Foreign Policy

The League of Mortals does not currently bear hostility toward any village or power group. Members may also join other power groups as they desire, though they are expected to treat the League as an equal to any other power group to which they belong.


Any village is eligible to join the League of Mortals.

Any village in the League is free to complete the Impossible Mission whenever they are able and wish to do so, though the resulting Immortal Realm will need to rejoin the League if that is what they wish to do. We consider this a form of graduation, and offer our support to such villages by staffing them up to a full 50 members, though we will only do this once the village is otherwise ready to complete the IM.


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